Seen Skincare specializes in facials that are crafted in-house from cold pressed organic botanicals and oils. The treatments are freshly blended together at the time of service and tailored to each individual’s needs. All ingredients used are organic. They are locally and sustainably grown and sourced. Depending on the client, various tools may be used. These include high frequency, microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, ultrasonic exfoliation and Gua sha. 



Elisabeth’s passion for holistic skincare began in 2010. Suddenly breaking out in  acne, she went to a holistic esthetician for help. Through a consultation and examination of the skin, the esthetician was able to identify that Elisabeth was suffering from food allergies. Through the elimination of certain foods and a series of facials, her skin was healed. She now brings her passion for a holistic lifestyle to her approach with skincare. As an organic farmer with a background in herbalism, Elisabeth is passionate about helping her clients live their healthiest and most beautiful